Trading traffic: Facebook boost posts + Google Adsense

There are tonnes of ways to earn money on buying and selling traffic. In fact, many people use it for their business, converting purchased visitors into some profit. But finding a really working scheme that will make the profit for you isn’t that easy. Some investments should be made to find and test it first.

In this article, we’d like to tell you more about our experiment – buying Facebook traffic and selling it to Google Adsense. We use our blog post as a landing page for our visitors. Post-boost was chosen as a tool for promoting our website link. Let’s look at the actual results.

Well, they were not inspiring much. We invested about $25 in our post promotion, getting about $2.5 in Adsense. The experiment was unsuccessful due to these factors:

the CTR of the Facebook boosted post;

the CTR of Adsense ads;

The experiment was repeated once again with the same result – we got $0.3 in Adsense, spending $28. It allows us making some conclusions.

1)Facebook traffic may be converted. It consists of the real people, who are interested in your post.

2)You should pay attention to your CTR. For this really attractive posts should be created on Facebook, as well as your landing page should be highly optimised to bringing you money on Adsense.

3)Everything depends on the niche. You should pay attention to the topic of your website and the audience that sees your ads on Facebook.

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