Roccat Sova – the combination of mice and keyboard

Have you ever thought of playing your favorite videogames on your TV-screen? It’s possible, if you connect it to your PC, but there are some issues. It’s not that comfortable, sitting on your sofa and trying to handle keyboard and mice. They will be sliding off your knees all the time. However, one new genious invention could probably help you. Let’s get introduced to Roccat Sova – the first gadget, combining the PC mice and a keyboard together. It brings your gaming to the new level of comfort, making playing videogames so simple!

The task of this device is pretty obvious: it combines your most important controllers in one gadget, which is constructed on the base of a keyboard. Literally, it’s a keyboard, divided into two zones: with all the buttons from the one side and with the mice from the other. Thanks to such a shape, this gadget can be easily put on your knee and balanced perfectly, so that it wont slide off.

The designers, who have created such a product, are definitely familiar with problems, that gamers can face. They either made Roccat Sova convenient and easy-to-use, or provided this device with enough space for mice. So that, the user can play all of the available genres of games with no problems.

This unique and, according to the comments on some top-visited sites, where this product has been announced, high-demanded device is available for the pre-order. Its shipping will start on the middle of August, 2016.

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