iPhone 7 will have the same design, as iPhone 6

Apple has a lot of problems with their smartphones. A lot of new players, like Xiaomi, Meizu, Lenovo and others appeared at the market. Some of them release even more technological products, that Apple does. It means, that they attract new customers, who refuse to pay more for the devices from Cupertino.

The next generation of a legendary smartphone, iPhone 7, will be introduced this autumn. Traditional leaks of its design and specifications can be met on the web. One of them claims, that the new phone will have similar design, as the previous generation – iPhone 6 – has.

The pictures of a model prove this conception. The smartphone is designed in according to the concept of the 6th generation of Apple’s device, that’s why it seems to be the truth, that the company refuses to refresh its appearance. However, this strategy is risky enough.

If Apple doesn’t present something really hot and innovative, its ‘army’ of fans will become much smaller. Than such tech giants, as the mentioned-above Xiaomi and other Chinese brands can take the leadership and rule the world with their production.

On the other hand, many rumours, which appear before the new Apple device is presented, are usually false. They may be even spread by the company itself, in order to get more media-attention for their product. The only way to discover, how the real iPhone 7 will look like, is just to wait for the day it will be presented by Tim Cook, the SEO of Apple.



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