How to make money with your website?

Today you can meet millions websites on the web – each of them can bring some revenue to its owner. If you have your website (or even more) as well, you should think about the ways of its effective monetization.  Let’s look at some of them.

1.Email marketing

Many website owners earn money through the mailing lists they collect. Each time a user visits their project, they ask him to fill a special form with their email address. As a result, he manages to find a direct way to contact the visitor and offer something valuable to him.

2.Click advertising

This type of advertising is, probably, the most popular ever. It’s Google Adsense and it’s installed almost on any site you can meet. Its model is based on a pay-per-click principle. It means, that the more clicks you get – the more revenue you earn.

3.Selling services

If you run a blog or a portfolio website, your best way to monetize it is offering your services. This model is working when your visitors know, who you are and what you can give them.

4.Affiliate marketing

Bring users to someone else and get the comission – what’s simpler?! Anything: from Amazon to some CPA affiliate programme offers part of the revenue they get from each client. It’s a straight way to the passive income, if you are able to build the stable model for your website to attract more new visitors. Your website can work in any field.

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