How to make business as a social media consultant?

Social media is still a great market with hundreds of millions of people that is growing rapidly. It has unbelievable potential, especially when the developing countries with their great population join them. In spite of being so potentially profitable, it still has a low level of competency among the consultants. That’s why you can start your own business in this niche!

The service of social media promotion is quite demanded – any company needs to become represented in the social media, in order to stay in contact with its customers and clients. At the same time, not many people know how to promote pages and groups effectively, getting more members for a lower price. Here’s where the consultants come.

  • Learn the basics first. Find the specialised blogs of people, who are doing SMM on a professional basis. Start reading them to find out more.
  • Discover the possible niches here. For example, some people work with Facebook fun pages; others may be specialised on dealing with Twitter. There are many social networks that are potentially profitable for you.
  • Aim at learning everything in the particular niche. Get a real specialist in your market.
  • Get the first clients to work with. Create a portfolio.

Working in a social media promotion niche is a great way both to build your brand in a fast-growing environment and to connect with other professionals, who may be useful for you in the future. Besides, this business model requires no money to start working, so it’s perfect for young people as well.


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