How to earn money in some extraordinary ways?

Everyone does such things, as watching some funny videos, writing reviews, shopping and so on. But far not everyone knows, that some companies pay for these things. You should only follow their guidelines and do what they tell – and you will be really paid for the actions you do for free.

1.Playing games

Do you like playing games? Swagbucks can bring you some extra cash, if you do it with this service. They pay for each task, depending on its level of difficulty. For example, you can complete some survey or play online game – and you’ll get $50-100 in a month.


Do you buy any things? If you don’t live somewhere in the desert – sure, you do! But you probably didn’t know, that BestMark pays for this activity. They search for the mystery shoppers, who check the shop’s personnel. They need checking different services, so you can have enough work for your free time.


How often do you do online shopping? If it happens frequently – than you can get one more source of income. Buy everything with TopCashBack – and you’ll get a 100% cashback from your purchases! They work with hundreds of shops, so you probably won’t have to change the platform you buy at.

4.Rate websites

Do you like the website you’ve visited recently? If you have what to say about its design or content – you are welcome at StartUpLift! They pay for any opinion they receive, visiting someone’s websites.

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