How to Create a Coupon Website

Consumers love coupons. One way to tap into this market to generate a revenue stream is to create a coupon website. It is surprisingly easy to do. One of the easiest ways is to use a WordPress theme called “Clipper.” Just because you can click and build a coupon website from the theme doesn’t mean that is all there is to be done. There are several things you also need to do that, while not complicated, will help make your site a success.

Love the coupon, hide the tracking

Themes are similar to the old templates, which is how most people built websites a decade ago. A theme is different because it gives unity to your pages without restricting them, and with a theme like Clipper, often comes bundled with targeted functions. Coupon Management Software (CMS) powers themes like Clipper. Its purpose is to drive buyers to product sites and to collect data on them. It is the latter that can make visitors run away before they click on anything. For this reason, you need to learn how to mask the domain name so you can replace the obvious CMS name with one of your own design.

Making Money

When you host coupons on your site you are engaged in an affiliate relationship with the product seller. This can take several different forms. You may get a small fee for everyone who clicks through from your site to the product. They may have to buy the product using the code you were given in order for you to be paid. Some affiliate programs are based in payment per visit, and not purchase. Your coupon website would have to get an awful lot of visitors each day that click on the links for that to be viable.

Getting people to come back

Unless you know you are going to generate a very high volume of daily unique traffic that will click and buy the first (and only time) they visit your site, when you create a coupon website you need to consider how you will gain loyalty with visitors so you become a first choice for coupons. There are two key ways to increase retention. The first is to add social media widgets when you create your coupon website so that as people find good deals they can share them with their friends. Also, you can give them a way to follow your site via social media and offer special flash deals. The second way is to create a blog to accompany the site. Blogging is very unique in what it can do to increase your traffic, retention and raise your search ranking.

Good Content

You would think that when you create a coupon website and blog, the blog would talk about the coupons. That is not the case. You will gain better social standing with your visitors if you talk about the lifestyle that the products you are offering coupons for represents. By letting them creatively imagine living a certain life, your site becomes associated with its reality and the products listed become more attractive.

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