How to Create a Business Website

Bringing your business onto the Internet can be one of the best decisions you make. Unfortunately, many businesses assume that to do so, you have to hire a professional web design company and the greatest benefit, a savings in marketing costs, is ruined by the high price of hiring a designer. You can create a business website that is professional and fully customized yourself without having to take a year off to get a degree in programming and design. The tools available online will surprise you in how quickly they can demystify the process.

The Difference Between Themes and Templates

When web hosting first became widely available there were only two options for businesses, create the website from scratch using HTML, or use templates. A template is a pre-written design that includes several basic pages that are linked. All you have to do (and can do) with a template is change the content and the images. Themes have become more popular because they allow for greater customization without having to learn a programming language. Instead of offering set pages, you can create a business website by choosing an overall design theme. Then, make as many pages as you want. By cutting and pasting a small section of pre-written code, each page is made to fit the theme by accessing the CSS file. The CSS file is what defines the colors and layouts of the overall page. You can even eliminate certain aspects of the CSS on individual pages by simply not including them in the visual design.

What Makes it Easy

The majority of web hosting sites offer a visual editor so you never even have to look at the source code of the page as you create a business website. This simplifies the whole process because you are not distracted or overwhelmed by what is not important to you. Most websites do well to focus on the quality of their content; there are very few businesses that need to delve into the actual code.

Learning How

You can sign up for a local course or online workshop to learn how to create your business website or blog. You can even go get a certificate or degree in it. In reality, you can learn everything you need by only seeking out tutorials in response to your specific questions. If you are working on a WordPress site and want to know how to include video, do a search on that very question and you will find a host of information that is clearly written and easily understood.

When to Hire a Professional

Businesses will do best to spend the money on professional design to create branding. You can handle and manage everything is involved with creating the website in-house, but having a good logo takes more than most of us can do with a paint program. Spend your money wisely. It is easy to create a business website, creating the branding images and slogans are the areas you want to hire someone to do.


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