How to Create a B2B Website

A business to business (B2B) website is going to have a much different focus than one created for a business to consumer (B2C) relationship. When you create a B2B website, you need to put forth your honesty and integrity foremost. You would think it would be the same for a B2C, but the truth is that consumers still look first for savings and then will convince themselves you are honest enough to trust. Businesses are tougher to convince and hold onto as customers. Having a well thought out B2B website is the key.

Design and Build

You don’t need to hire a profession web design firm to create your B2B website. This is a project that is best done in-house because the better the designer knows the business, the better the website will be. Even if you do the site yourself, the result will be one that more honestly represents your business than anything else. Building the website is easy, there is next to know programming or special knowledge involved. Almost all web hosts offer web creation programs that simplify the process. You can then search for custom add-ons to make sure your site has all the features you need. The most important part to take care of comes at the end that is testing the website before releasing it to your customers. Testing is easy, just grab co-workers, employees and friends and have them go through the website and try everything. They will notice anything that does not work or that could be more efficient.

Putting business first

In B2C first impressions on the web, you want to create a site that immediately appeals to the visitor through offering savings and quality. When you create a B2B site, you want to immediately establish that you value your client’s time. Set your navigation up so it filters the content to the different categories of business that may hire you, such as small, medium or large. The better you can show that you understand their business needs and won’t waste their time, the more you will be perceived as a good choice. It can be very helpful to keep a good blog as well. In fact, don’t underestimate what a blog can do for your B2B site. They are easy to set up and maintain. Keep the blog tightly focused on how to work with your products and services as well as addressing common problems your clients have in general.

Know your resources

You don’t just create a B2B website and then put it aside. These sites have to be dynamic and provide changing and current content to maintain your image as a business that is responsive and on top of things. Get to know the resources available to you, such as blogs that feature trends or techniques in site management and good sources for tutorials so that when you go to make changes, anything you go in not knowing how to do you learn in minutes.

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