How do bloggers earn money?

You have definitely noticed, that blogging is a pretty popular business. In recent years more and more people have been starting their blogs, related to different topics. Some of these projects have even become successful, bringing thousands of dollars for their owners on a monthly basis. How is it possible and what are the sources of the bloggers’ income?


The first thing comes in mind is advertising. ‘Good old’ Google Adsense, Chitika or any other PPC network is an answer for this question. We can also mention some banner networks, which may bring revenue to your blog.

Monetization of your project in such way is quite simple, and the final earnings depend on the number of visitors.

2.Affiliate programmes

It’s probably the most popular way to get money online after the PPC networks. Cost-per-action, pay-per-sale and any other affiliate program comes here. A blogger posts his affiliate link – and the visitors bring him cash. What can be simpler?


Would you like to access some exclusive website area? Many bloggers create some special ‘VIP’ sections on their projects. They may be accessed by those members, who buy some membership. It’s an additional way of income for many blog owners.

4.Own products and services

If you run your blog in some particular niche, you can think about providing your personal products and services to your audience. These may be some eBooks, webinars, gifts, souvenires, etc. Everything depends on the topic of your blog and the type of your audience.

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