Flirtey showed the way it can be useful for the world

The Flirtey-startup team, which is fond of drones creation, has demonstrated the results of their work on the 25th of June in New Jersey. Their drone was delivering medical package from ship to shore. This process was so exciting, that a big crowd, consisting of several dozens of people has gathered to watch this show. The drone has accomplished its mission successfully and in time. The experts predict the great future as to Flirtey, or to the drones industry in general.
The delivery of medical package, which the 6-rotor drone is specialized on, can save thousands of lives. They can use the ship-to-shore delivery model (as it was shown in New Jersey) in order to help to people, who’ve become the victims of a natural disaster or of the weapon conflict as well. The drones can also supply medical equipment into the far-located regions with no proper roads as well. Their launch is much cheaper, than the helicopter’s one.
The projects, like Flirtey are aimed for non-profit purposes: to help and to save. The creators of drone claim, that they could provide their services for such kind of programs if the government of any country would be interested in.
However, the team has also got some good results in the commercial sector. They are constructing same drones for agricultural business, for security systems and so on. The future, with no doubt, belongs to the drones!

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