Earn on completing simple tasks online

Some people think, that earning money online needs a lot of time investments and some serious skills, like software developing or 3D-modelling. However, it’s not that like. There are many websites, which pay for some simple things, which are available for any user. Let’s talk about them in this article.

It’s worth mentioning from the very beginning, that these websites will hardly make you a multimillionaire. They offer you some really simple tasks, which are not paid that high. But, on the other hand, you can earn some extra cash in your free time with some small efforts. So why not to try?

1.Simple tasks

Swagbucks.com or IndoxDollars is perfect for you, if you’d like to get paid for something simple. Just sign up, connect your PayPal account and give it a try. Some free minutes of your workday may be spent on these projects easily. As a result, you can earn some dollars for your mobile phone top up.


Big companies, engaged in developing websites and mobile applications, need to know the way their product behaves. They are ready to pay some dollars for this. Project Payday and User Testing are the platforms for people, who would like to test someone’s product. You waste 15-20 minutes of your time and get $10-15 for this. Not so bad, right?

3.Sell your services

Are you good at writing songs? Or maybe you can create a WordPress template? Than you should go on Fiverr. It’s a large marketplace, where your services may be purchased for $5.

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