Delivering news to the audience via Facebook messenger

Our media space is incredibly rich – thousands of various platforms generate tons of content for the user. Naturally, it’s not so easy to track all of this stuff without wasting your precious time. That’s why many potential customers and visitors refuse using another media network. a startup from Berlin, called Spectrm, was launched for solving this problem.

That’s a SaaS-oriented platform, which serves for delivering the relevant content via Facebook messenger. Each user, who is interested in some particular type of content, can subscribe it, in order to get everything he is interested in with his FB chat. Spectrm analyzes the behaviour of the user, the pages he has already visited, in order to predict, what is interesting for him, and what’s not.

The main difference between Spectrm and other services, sharing the content, is that it contacts each user directly, using his private messages. It allows the company to deliver the most actual information from many publishers, including some of the top platforms, like German magazine Bild and Business Insider.

The revenues of the service will be coming from selling the access to the platform to the publishers. According to the official information, the basic fee is equal to $195 per month. Currently more than 50 publishers are working with this service.

It’s worth reminding, that earlier Spectrm managed to raise more than $1.5 million from different investing institutions, including a private investor Jens Schumann.

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