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Cemetery and headstone records

Great app can help you with your ancestry research. Find out how. Powered by WPeMatico

Take Bill Gates’ favorite class for free

We don’t necessarily consider Bill Gates a great historian, but that could change with his fun and new exciting site. Powered by WPeMatico

Try on that new phone for size before you buy

The question for you is not about whether you should get a new iPhone 6 or Plus, but which one. There are a few cool and easy ways to find out Powered by WPeMatico

This new gadget turns your smartphone into a pro DSLR camera

There’s an old saying: “The best camera is the one you have with you.” Nine times out of 10, that camera is your smartphone, if only because you ALWAYS have it on you! And it’s true that today’s smartphones can

September 13, 2014

Komando Pan Tilt Indoor Security Camera Komando Weatherproof Indoor-Outdoor Security Camera Komando 4-Camera DVR Indoor/Outdoor Surveillance System Online harassment or spam? Stay on top of your budget Pay bills – all your bills – from your tablet or smartphone Spy

One essential setting for your anti-virus software

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Should you fix it or replace it? Make the right decision about your aging PC or Mac

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Hackers sell Ivy League addresses plus other ways people spoof their identities

Hackers are selling MIT email addresses for $.16. I’ll walk you through how they do that and a few other dangerous ways to fake an identity online. Powered by WPeMatico

The bigger, better smartphone you should be excited about

This week, the Internet hype machine was all about Apple. The iPhone 6 announcement dominated newspapers, Facebook feeds and tech blogs. I even live-blogged the event! But something got lost in all the noise. Just four days earlier, Motorola unveiled a

Over 2 million free images to use for any purpose that you choose

Find over 2 million free images online to add some flair to your next project. Powered by WPeMatico