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How to make business as a social media consultant?

Social media is still a great market with hundreds of millions of people that is growing rapidly. It has unbelievable potential, especially when the developing countries with their great population join them. In spite of being so potentially profitable, it

Franklin’s Contributions To Our Way Of Life

Benjamin Franklin is arguably one of the most famous, interesting and memorable founding fathers of the United States.  He was a printer, statesman, diplomat and philandering womanizer.  But he was also one of the greatest and most prolific inventors and

Building An Easy And Effective Website

Your small business can have a distinctive and effective presence on the web if you build the right website.  From choosing the best domain name to working with the right host and finding the best design, it only takes a

Don’t Guess, Get Help

One of the easiest ways to get into trouble is guessing how to fix problems, address concerns and tackle issues.  In business, this can translate into lost customers, trouble with the government and other hassles that are completely avoidable.  There