Business idea: Start your own container-free food shipping business

People throughout the world realise the danger, coming from pollution and wastes. That’s the explanation for all those organic, green and natural trends to become so popular. Besides making our Earth cleaner and ‘healthier’, all those trends are also good for the beginning entrepreneurs, who are searching for some profitable and perspective niches to work in. We’d like to show you the example of one more interesting business model, worth your attention.

The project we are talking about is called It’s a startup company with a unique idea of providing container-free food shipping services. The mission of the company is showing that using no containers that pollute our planet (and using the recyclable ones) is possible. The company claims that it produces no wastes at all, offering its customer’s food delivery services. It has been working since 2012 in Texas.

The idea of the startup is clear and attractive because it offers us to stop polluting the planet and use some containers that are much easier to be destroyed when it’s needed. Besides, the services level of the company is high: it has many happy clients that make this business model successful and prospering. In.gredients defines a problem and offers its solution, making its core idea sticky.

There are many other problems of our planet pollution that are up to be solved. So, if you still have no idea on which business you’d like to start in this year, you have a plot for thinking. Concentrate on some problem, offer its solution and you’ll see that the people will like it!


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