Business idea: Share the office space

The idea to build business on sharing things isn’t new. We could see it in action after such projects, as Uber, BlaBlaCar, AirBnB and many others were launched. The same principle may be applied in other sectors, include office renting services.
A startup comany WeWork is a great example for this. It provides office space for the people, who can’t afford gettting their whole office room or who don’t need this due to their business model. Using WeWork, a freelancer or a young entrepreneur gets an opportunity to have office for a lower price. The service offers a membership-based model of getting a space to work in.
The model of such a startup is perfect. You can hire a large office space, split it into the parts and offer them for a low price. This model can be applied anywhere, being attractive for small businesses.
For example, WeWork has its offices in the United States, Israel, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Let’s say, if you are from other country, or if you have an improved vision for this model, you can run your own business in this niche.
The main task is creating a proper mission of such a business. For example, WeWork not simply divides its space into smaller ones, but creates a community of the self-employed people, working together. They help each other, communicate, share their ideas and experience.
As it turns out, modern people love sharing things. It’s both cheaper and brings more fun than the classic model. So, you still can build your business in this niche.

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