Business idea: Free lunch as a business

How can free lunch become a serious business model? You should ask the founders of Lunchspread about this! They used free lunches as the core idea of their business. As it turns out, this may be not just a good idea, but really a profitable business that helps other businesses to grow. So, how do they do it?
Well, Lunchspread offers anyone to get a free lunch delivered right to the office. A person, getting a lunch, has to fill a special survey that shows, whether she likes this food or not. The lunch itself is provided by some new and recently-opened restaurants and cafes that would like anyone to learn more about them. In reward for filling the survey, the client who received one lunch already is offered with a coupon for another bonus in other restaurants.
This business model looks great because everyone benefits from dealing with Lunchspread. A person gets a free lunch at her office. A restaurant becomes more popular and well-known, so it will receive more clients in future. Lunchspread gets a commission from their partners for promoting them.
Of course, the business with free coupons and special promotions is not that easy due to many reasons. Freebies in most cases are great for the clients, resulting in more expenses for the restaurants and cafes. But, anyway, this particular model with a free lunch is fresh and unexpected. That’s why it will be profitable.
The model of providing the clients with something for free may be improved and developed. It may also be implemented into another niche. So, you can start a business on this idea as well.

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