Apps that can earn money for you

Most of us use our smartphones and tablets for some entertaining things, like the social networks, chats, games and so on. And just a few users know, that their devices can actually earn some cash for them. In this article we’d like to discuss this topic on which applications can bring money for you.

But before we list some of the most popular and profitable apps, we’d like also to tell about the ways of getting paid in such way. So that you’ll know, who and why will pay you the money.

As we know, there are a lot of games and various applications on the mobile market. It means, that the competition is pretty high there. Using advertising, some apps get more downloads and rank higher in app search engines, like Google Play or iTunes. So, they pay for the downloads, made by the users. Apps like Cash King or Appcoin allow users get the download links and earn some cash.

There is also another way to earn some dollars. You can download App Trailers, in order to start getting paid for watching the trailers. After each one, a short survey will appear. With its help you should share your opinion, concerning the trailer.

There are also mobile applications, which pay you for completing some simple tasks. In this case they are similar to the websites of this category. They include Field Agent or EasyShift.

Besides the mentioned above, you can find thousands of apps for earning cash. Just search for them!

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