Android users suffer from new malware

The group of Chinese developers has launched a new malware, which infected millions of Android devices. According to the Google statistics, it’s about 10 million users who have faced such a threat for their mobile phones. This number is increasing rapidly, and Google representatives have nothing done yet with this.

The ways, that this virus is infecting the smartphones, are different. Some users claim, that they caught this malware from other apps; another state, that it comes from advertising, placed on different websites.

The main function of this malware (which is called HummingBad, by the way) is advertising implementation. According to some independent researches, such an amount of victims, who see the ads, provided by virus, can generate 250-300 thousands dollars monthly. Not bad for a group of hackers from China, right? Moreover, the malware has been presented on millions of Android devices since February! So the numbers of profits of these guys are, frankly speaking, a little bit overwhelming.

In order to protect your device, you should do some simple, but effective measures. For example, developers recommend to update your phone software, if you can. Besides, you’d better installed the antivirus software, which can detect HummingBad and remove it from your device. According to the Google stats, the absolute majority of infected devices are located in India and China, running the old version of Android – KitKat 4.4.4. It’s the key answer for how this malware infects more and more new phones and tablets. Be careful!

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