4 incredible small business ideas

It’s a wrong concept that your business can be started with $50,000-$100,000 in cash only. No, many people have actually started their companies or launched their products with just $500-$5000! It sounds crazy, but it’s a true fact! That’s why we’d like to present you some really low-cost ideas, which are also able to make you incredible profits. Let’s get started!


Writing posts and making researches may not sound so profitable, but it still is. Thousands of people run their blogs, making hundreds or thousands of dollars from them. All you need for launching a blog is $20 for a domain name, $50 for an annual hosting plan and … your fantasy and content. Just think well about the topic that would be interesting for your visitors and start writing! It may bring you thousands in a while.


Another profitable writing niche is eBooks. They are popular due to their convenient digital format and due to the opportunity to get information about everything. If you have some unusual idea – write an eBook and test it!


An ability to reach an enormous audience for free is the best thing on Youtube. Really, if you post some interesting videos, you will definitely have some subscribers, who will promote your videos by liking them. Sounds simple, but it’s not. Though, if you really become popular, you will make really big and easy money.


There are so many things that you are familiar with! For example, cooking, writing or singing. All of these things may be demanded by the people, who are not good in these niches. So you can help, providing them with online lessons and different tips.

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